The Menagerie

This week we discuss the epic 2 part episode menagerie. Now of course, I would lead you to OUR first episode talking about the Cage for all important thoughts about that! So this week we hit all of the new material created. Spock kidnapping Pike and taking them to Talis 4. And the Court Martial!... Continue Reading →

Court Martial

This week's episode Court Martial! This week we discuss how sometimes in these early episodes they introduce something, say a button on the captain's chair to go to yellow alert that we've never heard about about will ever see again. Or a records officer who's a Lt. Commander. We also mention how Cogley may affect... Continue Reading →

Galileo 7

We're back after a nice holiday and some ridiculous technical difficulties (including a coughing grandchild.) This week it's Galileo 7! We talk about Blacklisting in Hollywood, why a fellow scientist can't deal with Spock, whether Ferris is right or just an A-hole, why you shouldn't enter a mist, it's a bad idea, Ken Discusses some... Continue Reading →

Summer of ’99

In honor of the 19th Birthday of The Phantom Menace, I give to you my remembrances of that year  reposted from a personal blog where I wrote 3 things.  Enjoy. In my head that was Bryan Adams’ song Summer of ’69. But with different numbers. Already I digress. There is a certain temperature. A certain... Continue Reading →

Conscience of the King

This week is another amazing well written episode. We also hear some alternate versions of the Shatner's opening credits speech, we talk about Kodos and the Nazis, how our father and Shatner have a lot in common. we also discuss the various types of computer usage in both 24th and 20th centuries, we hear a... Continue Reading →


Another fun episode. Matt is rare form during this week's recap. During which we discuss the trolley Principal (pay attention it will come back,) in Star Trek most aliens are in humanoid form, why make this planet a paralell earth, did broadcast standards play a roll in the less than stellar make-up effects,do the kids... Continue Reading →

Dagger in the Mind

How Harry Potter naming conventions are used in this episode, we talk about the meaning behind said names inlcuding the very James Bondesque Lay-Lay (sp?), we discuss how Kirk is taken in by another big named scientists ( we all have our weaknesses,) and how Force Fields are big deal with Prison Planets in Star... Continue Reading →

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