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TOS Episode 2:Where No Man…

Has Gone Before.  Back at it this week with another episode from the Original Series.

In this one we discuss the second pilot for TOS. We find out other people up for the role of Kirk, what Shatner asked for and got, some of NBC’s ridiculous notes on the end fight and and recap an episode that again really holds up into this modern age we live in now. All this plus so much more! Hope you enjoy!

Here’s the place with the thing.


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Here’s the show we started recording before Discovery it’s the reviews and recaps of The Original Series. Yes, all the episodes you loved and remember from TOS are all starting here with The Brother’s Trek About: The Original Series.

In this first episode we discuss “The Cage.” The originally unaired pilot looks amazing and you can see the lessons they were learning for the next pilot episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

We talk Desilu, we joke about big heads, we chat about how they have mined this episode for future Trek, and how the histry of the world helped shape what we know as Trek. All this and more in an epic hour and half episode!

Click here for The Cage!

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The Half- Season Finale!

This week we discuss Episode 9 of Star Trek Discovery: Into the Forest I Go. We discuss the series as it stands so far and as always have fun recapping the episode and talking about all those important things. Is this Star Trek as we know it? Did Stamets take us there on purpose? WHAT IS HAPPENING?