Welcome to the Brothers Trek About!  We’re two brothers podcasting  about Star Trek and occasionally other things. Matt’s a Star Wars fan deep diving into Star Trek and Ken is a life long Trek fan who knows way to much about it.  And while their opinions don’t always match up it makes for engaging episodes.  Also Matt’s a big goof and his recaps of every episode are always a fun time.    Sometimes we talk bout the big issues brought up in each episode and sometimes we spend way too long talking about how cheesy the ending of that episode was….. which we talk about a lot!

We also start each episode with a little behind the scenes information which offer alternate versions of each story, a little about about where you may have scene the guest stars before (or after,) and also keep track of that wacky budget that eventually causes Desilu to go up for sale! (spoilers!)

If you like fun and interesting podcasts this is the show for you!  Episodes vary in length from 45 minutes to sometimes over 2 hours because, well, when your introduce to the Romulans you’ve got a lot to say!

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