Sorry we're late this week. Real life got in the way! This week we're trying to figure out Who Mourns for Adonis? We discuss Carolyn's instant love for Apollo and how her actions in the script are ultimately what brings down this mighty God. We talk about the well used speech pattern of Apollo and... Continue Reading →

Friday’s Child

This week it's Friday's child! We discuss DC Fontana's original take on this script. And how we lose some of the story in Roddenberry's translation. We talk about the Prime Directive and why the Federation an Klingons are even here! Or Klingens as Chekov and Alena call them. Why Matt hates names like Ma'a, why... Continue Reading →


This week it's Metamorphosis! Episode 2 of Season 2 For the first time we meet Zephyrm Cochran, creator of the warp drive. We discuss how such a well known historical figure doesn't get recognized right away... to which then Matt solves the puzzle. We discuss this week's co-star Elinor Donahue who was on a sitcom... Continue Reading →


It's always the bad episodes of the series that give us the best episode of the podcast! This week we pick apart Catspaw. This week we try and figure out what Colob and Sylvia are doing here. and spend too much time on it. We reference Squire of Gothos numerous times, Matt launches into his... Continue Reading →

Behind the scenes of Season 2

This week we discuss important behind the scenes issues of season2. Here we discuss the growing animosity between Shatner and Nimoy. We discuss Nimoy's attempt to get more money or leave the show. We also discuss the growing discord between NBC and the show. And also Desilu's lost revenue leading the way to a merger... Continue Reading →


Sorry we missed last week! But we're back with an extra long episode of the show doing our FINAL look at pop culture of the late sixties this time with Bond. James Bond. The highest grossing Bond film ever. We discuss Bond's impact on the 60's. We discuss the version of the male fantasy depicted... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who: Tenth Planet

This week we continue our mid-season break talking about that other big Sci-Fi show that's been around for more than 50 years with Dr. Who and the Tenth Planet! In this episode we show the similarities and the differences between Trek: The Original Series and the Dr. Who. We discuss a bit more about the... Continue Reading →

Pop Culture of 1966-1967

This week instead of our usual Trek Discussion what we get into this week is talk about what was on Pop Culture during the 1966-1967. We start by discussing music that was hitting number 1 in the country at the time. This includes the Beatles and the Monkees, mostly, but also Sinatra and Simon and... Continue Reading →

Operation: Annihilate!

This week it's Operation: Annihilate! One of us loves us the other less so. We talk this week about how cheap effects can sometimes ruin a good Networks start using focus groups to make TV. Who sometimes Plays and TV have it easier than TV. If this were today (or the movie Solo) during the... Continue Reading →

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