A Taste of Armageddon

It's a Taste of Armageddon.In this week's #episode we cover a lot in a little time this week. First we discuss why people in the 60's look old for their age compared to now. We talk about mutually assured destruction. Poor Matt Jeffries budget compared to Discovery! We discuss the diplomats power of over Starfleet... Continue Reading →

Space Seed

This week it's Space Seed! The episode that made arguably the best movie in the original cast. KHAN NOONIEN SINGH! This week discuss Eugenics and how it went from in favor to out of favor in the early 20th Century. We discuss Umbro's and how even in the 60's they knew it would be a... Continue Reading →

Return of the Archons

This week the Return of the Archons. This episode begins the Star Trek trope of Kirk having to outwit a super computer, a computer is pretending to be a god, and the Enterprise is in danger while the away team has to save themselves and the ship. We find out another keen move by Gene... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow is Yesterday

This week's episode is Tomorrow is Yesterday! A fun timey-wimey episode where the Enterprise, thanks to a Black Sun, is sent back to the 1960's. We discuss Black Suns, how our nuclear missiles were carried in the 60's,we get to talk some fun Time Travel science that is a bit questionable but also relate-able to... Continue Reading →

The Alternative Factor

This week's episode is the Alternative factor and Matt doesn't like this one at all. We discuss how a love story might not only have led to TV's first interracial kiss (this WOULD come later) but how this episode would have been better with any B Story. We discuss how this episode almost had Drew... Continue Reading →


This week The Brothers talk about Arena! Probably one of the most famous episodes of Trek that pairs Kirk against a Gorn! This we discuss Rubber suits, the studio system and Joseph Peveny's role in it and how that makes him so suited to become one of the most prolific director's on the show, a... Continue Reading →

The Squire of Gothos

It's time for another adventure with The Brother Trek about! This week, The Squire of Gothos. This week Ken and Matt riff about what product placement on Star Trek would look like, we debate the question as to whether this Squire is a Q, we discuss the use of the prefix Space in front of something... Continue Reading →

No new show!

Sorry!  I was on vacation and it was amazing an relaxing but there was no laptops involved.  Only a bunch of selfies.  And mountain climbing.  And swimming. ANYWAY!  We'll be back next week with the Squire of Gothos. AKA the First Q! Also join us on Instagram for some fun and funny look at upcoming... Continue Reading →

Shore Leave

This week Matt gets a little wacky and we both get a little giggly talking about Shore Leave this week's episode. We talk about about how Shatner wanted to fight a tiger. We talk, again, about Chekov's gun, again, how this world is like a giant holodeck, uniforms that magically repair themselves, how they had... Continue Reading →

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