TOS: The Naked Time

This week has everyone’s favorite foil carrying shirtless helmsman, this is the Naked Now. This week we discuss some crazy behind the scenes shenanigans, a drunkish Kirk declaring his love for his ship, a crying Vulcan and so much more.


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The Man Trap! TOS

This week we discuss the Man Trap.  We find out a little bit about McCoy’s past andwe find a creature who loves more salty goodness then we do.  Plus we breakdown the scanning of the ship, how tourism rules the future, Captain’s Logs from the Future,  how this was supposed to be the first episode to air and what that tells us of our characters and finally, what do we want out of an episode of the TOS… suspense and not knowing or the giving up up the mystery to see how our characters react.

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The Brothers Trek About: Discovery Finale

Hey all thanks for the patience as the busy of real life sets in.  The finale is up so please enjoy!

This week we cover episodes 14 AND 15. I lost my voice the week before so we decided to knock out the final 2 episodes in 1 week. And what a final 2 episodes they are. Georgiou from the mirror Universe is taking command of the Discovery. Saru is still the most Federation character on the show and Tyler says good bye to Burnham. Plus we speculate on the next season and how, if any, the Enterprise will play into it. All that and so much more……

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Discovery Episode 12 Vaulting Ambition

Sorry for the late post.  Real life and all.  This was a fun episode to record.  Lots to reveal an go over and look back on the season on.

In this weeks episode we discuss the big reveal. I mean huge one. Ken has trouble getting over fandom figuring this out. Matt loses his mind and his vocabulary. Also we continue to discuss last weeks reveal about Voq, his possible death in this episode, and how awesome J. Frakes continues to be. All this and more……..

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Discovery Episode 11 The Wolf Within

This week’s episode is a speedy but revealing look into the Mirror Universe. We get our first mirror goatee a fine staple missing up to know. We look at out a Trek staple of who are we and what does it mean to be you. All this and more!

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Discovery: Episode 10– Despite Yourself

his week we discuss Star Trek: Discovery’s Episode 10. Full of fun parallel universe stuff we discuss the dark side of the characters. Which side of the universe does Ash Tyler supposed to be on?Matt has way too much fun recapping the show and gesticulates wildly. We discuss the Mirror Universe and it’s History in Trek and how dangerous it must be to be diverse cast member on this show. AND JON FRAKES DIRECTED!

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The Brothers Trek About: The Last Jedi

In this weeks episode we discuss Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Spoiler Alert: We both love it! We discuss the hate that has a prequel epicness. We discuss why we love it. We discuss Reylo and how they’re like Pride and Prejudiced. Luke and why we think his character doesn’t fall off the rails. Hux. The Comedy is it too modern? and finally, we discuss how fandom holds something to dear like the Giant and his pet George.

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