Coming soon…

A brand new podcast about Star Trek and other assorted pop culture type things.  It is titled The Brothers Trek About….

Two Brothers originally from Chicago now posted up in different parts of Texas have come together to sit back and watch (and listen) to some of the best pop culture to come out of the last 30 years.

The brothers, Ken and Matt,  are starting with Star Trek: The Original Series.  Thats where the Trek part of the name started but they also felt that the use of the little T, trek, was also pertinent.  Trek gives them the ability to “trek” about other pieces of pop culture from Hamilton to Fallout 4 to even… Star Wars.  *gasp*

Matt who is currently living in Austin is a self proclaimed Star Wars fan.  He knows the nitty gritty of the old EU and enjoys parts of the new as well.  Kenneth, on the other hand, loves Star Trek and has been very active in the Star Trek Online community for a while.  What one of them knows about on franchise the other knows about the other.

Over the past few months the brothers have been honing their podcasting skills and are ready to begin releasing some of their shows while also ready to pounce on the series Discovery.  Keep and eye on this page as well as Itunes, for the release of their first 3 episodes and come back September the 26th for their break down of the episode of Discovery.


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